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Table Topics Family 23 #45-46

Table Topics Family 23 #45-46


1. What’s the first thing you’d do if you were president?

2 What’s your favorite outfit?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Get stuck in congressional gridlock and never get anything done, quit, then learn how to play golf.

2. I don’t have a favorite outfit, I just wear whatever is clean that goes together.

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Where to Start…

Where to Start…

So… I’m gonna talk… About stuff…

But seriously, this article isn’t going to be my usual article (is it too late to say I’m mainly a humor writer? My latest blog/article posts make me think it’s too late.) Not that this’ll be sad or anything, just different.

Now, I’ll be the second to tell you I’m not the smartest in the world (the people I know who are in school would be the first), but I think I…

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