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Review - Pilot G-2 and G-2 Mini

Review – Pilot G-2 and G-2 Mini

There are some pens that everyone knows about, standby pens that we all recognize and know the performance of. These are pens that even pen snobs would use in a pinch. The Pilot G-2 and G-2 Mini perhaps are such pens. But do they really hold up to their reputation? Let’s take a look.


I’m not sure I really need to describe one of the most well-known pens ever, but I’ll start at the click button.…

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Table Topics Family 31 #61-62

Table Topics Family 31 #61-62


1. What’s the best way to cure homesickness?

2. If you could have any view from your bedroom window what would it be?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I’ll let you know when I find out.

2. None, I’d have no windows, I want to be able to sleep in there, if I want a view, it shouldn’t be to hard for me to walk to another room.

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