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Table Topics Family 37 #73-74

Table Topics Family 37 #73-74


1. Where would you go if you were going to run away from home?

2. When is it okay to lie?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I mean, I’ve moved out already, so I’ll just go the extra mile and say I’d try to get to Africa somewhere, since no where in the U.S. would really be better, I guess I’d have to go for something different.

2. If you or another person (people) would be harmed directly for…

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I Think Apple’s Still Going Down

I Think Apple’s Still Going Down

I’ve had some time to study the Iphone 6 since its release, and some time to think about the Apple Watch since its announcement. I’ve put a lot of faith in Apple products since 2009 when I bought my MacBook and Ipod. Later I also got an Iphone. But now, to me, it seems that my prediction of Apple slowly going downhill post-Jobs is proving to be true.

I don’t have too much to say about the Apple…

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