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Review - Faber Castell Black Velvet Pencil

Review – Faber Castell Black Velvet Pencil

If you’re at a second hand place, or a garage sale, etc, and looking for art supplies, you might wonder wether or not a discontinued item you find is a good thing to pick up or not. This might be the case with the Faber Castell Velvet pencils, of which I am covering the black ones here.


The body of the pencil is nice and round. Its a fairly solid piece of wood with a wonderful grippy, but…

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Speak Your Mind 186 #926-930

1. Do you like girls scout cookies?
2. How long does it take you to fix your hair each morning?
3. Can you name three of you neighbors?
4. Have you ever felt nervous about something and not been able to eat?
5. In what way do you think cats are like people?
ANSWERS By: Austin Smith
1. Yes, I love girl scout cookies.
2. About 30 seconds.
3. Yes, but I won’t because this is the Internet.

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Speak Your Mind 185 #921-925

Speak Your Mind 185 #921-925


1. Do you think most of the drivers in this city are safe drivers?

2. Do you plan to vote when you get old enough?

3. Why do you think some people find it easy to talk in front of groups?

4. How many first cousins do you have?

5. Do you know anyone who is adopted?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. No, the people in the town I live in are all insane or stupid.

2. Yes, it is my obligation to…

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