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The Book I had to have with Me at My Apartment (Of Mice and Men)

The Book I had to have with Me at My Apartment (Of Mice and Men)

I moved recently and seem to not be able to shut up about it. So I might as well talk some more.

I like to read books, physical books, because I’d have to destroy each one individually by accident to lose them all. I guess there are several other reasons, too, but my point is that I had to move books with me when I was moving. Selecting the books I wanted to bring was hard. I had allocated myself…

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Table Topics Family 28 #55-56

Table Topics Family 28 #55-56


1. What one thing would you like to know about the future?

2. Which TV show would you pick to live inside for a week?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. How disciplined and relevant humans are. An undisciplined and irrelevant human world is one I would seek to avoid.

2. None, I couldn’t handle the constant drama that television show characters encounter.

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